About Starboard Games LLC

Starboard Games is an indie game studio consisted of professional and friendly people. Additionally, we are a team of skilled artists and dedicated indie enthusiasts. Our current project is INT, developed on Unity Engine 5 for platforms Windows, Linux, and Mac.

In 2017, we are prioritizing and working on the biggest level of our technology demo. This is an outdoors locale in a city under siege. It also our final major set-piece before we aim to release. Once completed we will finalize the construction of a minor level location featured in a previous trailer, and then our game will be complete in terms of levels. It is a great chance to build your portfolio with high quality Sci-Fi props, characters, weapons, armor, and vehicles. If you love Sci-Fi settings as much as we do then we believe you will enjoy working on building stories for our universe.

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INT Official website.

Steam Greenlight.

IndieDB page.

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